About Us
1. Regular Warranty
All ONWOTE products are with 1 year warranty from the original date of purchase.
2. Non-Warranty
This warranty does not cover expendable or consumable parts and product problems related to the following:
a. Exceeded the warranty period.
b. Extended warranties purchased from third parties.
c. Not purchased directly from ONWOTE authorized Store.
d. Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, war, earthquake, snowstorm, etc.)
e. Damage caused by normal wear of parts, scratches, surface rust or deterioration, improper use, improper storage, improper testing, negligent use of improper voltage or current, accidental damage, abnormal or unusual use, use of unauthorized accessories or modules, use contrary to the operating instructions, improper operating temperature/environment, or lack of regular maintenance.
f. Product repaired, dismantled, or altered by unauthorized technical personnel.
g. Gifts are not guaranteed.
ONWOTE reserves the right of final decision in all cases!